Roster of Handguns Uncertified for Sale

In California the state government, in a perfect display of Nanny Statism, attempts to protect gun owners from unsafe firearms by requiring manufacturers to submit their new model handguns for a series of safety tests.  California law also mandated  certain features to be included in each new model.  The required features are:
  1. A loaded chamber indicator.
  2. A magazine disconnect mechanism.
Since several manufacturers do not wish to to produce new models to satisfy these requirements, especially the magazine disconnect, many new pistols introduced recently cannot meet the DOJ safety standards, and so will never be for sale in California through normal channels.  Here is a non-exhaustive list of such pistols:
  1. Uselton Arms - All Models (1911)
  2. Cabot Guns - All Models (1911)
  3. Springfield Armory XD(M) - All models
  4. Kimber Solo
  5. Glock Gen 4 - All models
  6. Ruger SR1911
  7. Remington 1911 R1
  8. Springfield Armory Range Officer
  9. Diamondback DB9 
  10. Diamondback DB380
  11. Kel-Tec PMR-30
  12. Kimber Aegis II - All models
  13. Smith & Wesson SW1911 E Series - All models  
  14. Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 380
  15. Smith & Wesson SD9, SD40
  16. Ruger LCP  


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Just list the ones we can buy. It is much shorter and getting shorter all the time.

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