Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Zimmerman May Have Been Beaten By Martin

Some more information has emerged in the Zimmerman case that would tend to support Zimmermans self defense story over that of the Martin family. A fractured nose, two black eyes, and lacerations to the back of the head sure imply that George Zimmerman was beaten, and bloody knuckles on Trayvon Martins hands seem to indicate who was doing the beating.

While this will not make the charges go away, this new information certainly appears to erode the narrative that Trayvon Martin was a purely innocent victim, and the state of Florida likely knew this after their investigation.  Jerelyn Merritt writes:
The state waited to charge Zimmerman until its investigation was complete. They had to know (or at least believe) Trayvon was the one who turned the encounter from a verbal one into a physical one. The language of the affidavit and the testimony at the bond hearing strongly suggest it did know this. As I've said before, one of the first rules of trial practice is that a lawyer, in creating a theme and a theory for a case, must accept the "facts beyond change." You build your story from that.
The state may have done its best in coming up with a theory of criminal responsibility that accepts the "facts beyond change," including that Zimmerman had a broken nose and head lacerations, caused by Trayvon punching him and slamming his head against the ground or on concrete. It may sound reasonable to some, but I doubt it is legally supportable.
So why did the state of Florida charge Zimmerman at all? It has to be political appeasement of the African-American community  in Florida and the U.S. in general.  And what happens if, and as seems increasingly likely, when George Zimmerman us exonerated? There will be a new "betrayal" of the blacks by the whites, and the race pimps will have won another round.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

This is an Outrage!

Here is the story of an Occupy protester being a victim of an attempted rape, defending herself from a perpetrator with a lengthy rap sheet, and then falling victim the the citizen disarmament committee that is the government of the City of Seattle.

If Ms. Burkett is charged with anything more than possession of a concealed handgun without a permit, it will truly be an outrage.  She is being held without bond for trial while the alleged rapist is granted a $250 bond.  Ms. Burketts father may be facing charges of unlawfully transferring a handgun in Washington state, and the family is reported going to be sued by the family of the rapist.

There are MANY lessons here:

  • Women should get their own firearms and training before the threat is evident. It takes time to become proficient, and women are more likely to be victims.
  • Get your concealed handgun permit before you think you will need it.
  • Pay attention to weapon transfer laws. Anti-rights DAs will try anything to convict you if you defend yourself, but why give them the means to do it.
  • Support Stand-Your-Ground and Castle Doctrine laws and politicians that support these laws.  It is situations like this that inspired them in the first place.
  • The Occupy movement has been a bunch of cynical, manipulative, cowardly assholes when it comes to denying incidents of sexual assault in their encampments. They sacrifice the safety and security of women to uphold their public image.  Assholes!  I wonder how they will spin this incident? Probably by throwing Ms. Burkett under the bus.  That is the Liberal Obama way.