Saturday, July 2, 2016

Jerry Brown Screws California Gun Owners

I'm sorry Californians, but you been royally screwed once again by your ever so
helpful state government.

Jerry Brown signed six gun control bills that take the states gun laws to a new
level of insanity. Here are the new bills, and a short description of what they
would do, starting January 1, 2017.


This bill redefines "assault weapon" to include firearms that are equipped with
a bullet button. All such rifles must now be registered as assault weapons, and
the future possession and transfer of such weapons is now a felony. Law
enforcement officers are exempted, as is usually the case in California.

Missouri residents: do NOT visit California with your AR-15 and similar rifles.
These are "assault weapons", possession of such is a felony in California.


This bill outlaws the load of a firearm to any person who is not related to the
owner in the following: spouse, registered domestic partner, child, sibling,
grandparent, or grandchild.

If you loan the firearm to your buddy at the range, you're guilty of a felony.


This bill expands the 10 year firearm prohibition to a new midemeanor: making a
false report of losst or stolen firearm.  This is obviously aimed at straw


Senate version of AB1135.


Well, they finally got it: background checks for ammunition purchases.
Note that in California, "ammunition" includes magazines.

This bill requires ammunition vendors to obtain a license, and for ammunition
purchasers to obtain authorization to purchase. There would be a NICS-like
check at time of purchase to ensure that the purchaser was not prohibited. It
seems that potential purchasers must apply to he state to be placed in the
ammunition purchase authorization database, with required $50 fee.

This bill also outlaws mail order and Internet ammunition sales would be
prohibited. Visitors from out of state would be unable to purchase


Here is another one that the gun-grabbers have wanted for years: prohibit
possession of magazines greater than 10 rounds capacity.  No grandfathering, no