Sunday, April 10, 2011

Obama's War: D+27

God help me, but if I ever hear of an Arab army not firing their weapons into the air, I'll go buy a lottery ticket:

By 4 p.m., a long rebel column of pickup trucks passed through the city’s main street, firing their weapons in the air in celebration.
If the Libyan rebel forces ever stop, it will mean that they have graduated from being a bush-league mob with AK-47 rifles and pickup-mounted weapons, and something like a real army.  Hell, I have yet to hear of a single report of a Libyan rebel digging a fighting position.  That is why these guys run from mortar and artillery fire.

Maybe digging is beneath their dignity.

Common Gunsense vs Uncommon Gunsense

I have been reading Joan Peterson's blog Common Gunsense for a while, but I would like to note that there is a balance to her blog, Uncommon Gunsense.  Please give it a read.

Common Gunsense Blog - I Just Had To Answer

 I have been reading Joan Peterson's blog Common Gunsense.  To say I disagree with everything that she writes would be pretty accurate, but i continue to read because i want to try to understand the view of the anti-gun advocate.  She is pretty fair about approving comments from those she disagrees with, so I had to reply to this post.  Here is the text of my reply:


This is a tired argument: violent video games cause violent crime because they de-sensitize kids to killing.  Bunk.

It is almost as tired as your position: reducing the presence of guns in society will reduce the amount of violent crime.  Also bunk, as can be shown by the fact that there are more guns owned by more people in the U.S. than at any other time, but the violent crime rate has been falling steadily for years.


Oh, well.  I know I will never convince you with a logical argument, because you approach the issue from an emotional viewpoint: you simply hate guns, and you want to eliminate them from society.

That, ultimately, is your common sense gun law, in my opinion.  You will never succeed.

Sometimes I wonder why I continue  reading her blog when so much of it irritates me how someone can be so wrong headed about the issue, but I think it is best to always oppose that with which you disagree lest those views appear more true than they are by lack of challenge.

UPDATE: 4/11/2011
Joan Peterson still has not approved by comment.  I am wondering if i have been banned.