Saturday, December 1, 2007

Al Gore - White Knight?

Seth Swirsky, in this article on Real Clear Politics, states that Al Gore would be the most effective candidate for the Democrats in the current election, if only they would pay attention to him.

I think Mr. Swirsky is on crack.

In dismissing John Edwards as a lightweight for not carrying his home state of North Carolina as VP in 2004, he glosses over the fact that Gore did not carry his home state of Tennessee as the Presidential nominee in 2000.

I for one think that Al Gore has declined into well a deserved peripheral role as the current environmental messiah. Touting religion to like minded eco-nuts is far easier, and more lucrative than submitting to the media meat grinder that is Presidential politics. Also, after seeing what passes for "science" on the web site for "An Inconvenient Truth" I conclude that most environmental activists don't know jack about science or technology, and that Al Gore is more a snake oil salesman than statesman.

It makes me very glad that Al Gore was not President on 9/11/2001, and convinces me that the Democratic Party is correct for not considering him in 2008.

Guliani - Missing Part of the Solution

The Des Moines Register has this story on Rudy Guliani's solution to the illegal immigration problem facing this country.

Much of what he says I like very much, especially the parts about the SAFE card and deporting criminals. But part of the solution is notably lacking: employer penalties.

Illegal immigrants come to this country for the jobs, and employers knowingly, or with willful ignorance, hire them. Why does a leading Republican candidate not even mention the employer penalty part of the solution? To avoid offending large business backers for his campaign.

Once again the elites are selling out the common citizen.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Welcome to my new blog.

Yes, there really are conservatives on the Left Coast, endangered species though we are. That is the reason I started this blog: to be small voice within the conservative desert that is California.

And what a parched and dry desert. Only one state wide office is held by a Republican, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the Republican Party is dominated by conservative true-believers that nominate candidates that are unelectable in this state. Such is the result of Proposition 187.

Speaking of which, Oklahoma has just put a similar law into effect, a law that has withstood court challenges as well, but has not been overturned. Couldn't have anything to do with Oklahoma not being part of the 9th Circuit, could it?