Thursday, September 20, 2012

Daily KOS Article on RKBA

This article was one of the more lucid of those that I have read on the debate about the right to keep and bear arms on the Daily KOS, but it still misses the point.  While i agree with the author's point about laws being effective, he misses the key limitation of laws: they affect only the law-abiding individual, and justifies punishment of the offender.  But what happens if the law is not enforced? Then only the law-abiding are affected.

So, in my opinion, the debate over additional gun laws is moot because we do so little to punish offenders with current laws as to render them meaningless. New laws will not solve the problem of enforcing the old ones.

It is all wasted effort in any case. The nation has already had a conversation about gun laws, and the gun-control side has lost. There is very little chance of any of the "reasonable" gun laws proposed of passing any legislature, except maybe for California.