Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I'm Back.

After a very busy summer in which I simply had no energy to think through additional posts, I have returned to this blog.

And it seems that the world has changed. Before the tone of the blog was concentrated on gun rights, and these issues are still important, even as AB 962, SB 585, and SB 41 sit on Governor Schwarzenegger's desk for signature or veto.

But it seems that I really should contribute to the biggest debate of the day: healthcare reform. I will do so in upcomming posts as it now seems that Congress has gotten off the dime and has bills ready for debate.

I will also be keep posting on the progress of McDonald v. Chicago, now accepted for argument before the Supreme Court, as well as more local gun rights cases here in California.

I hope those few of you who have been following my blog are still around, and that new readers will find my posts enlightening and informative.

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