Thursday, October 8, 2009

CCW in Santa Clara County

I have written before that the CCW law in California is a joke, and that it would be more fair if the state did not issue CCW permits at all. As you can see here, at 170 permits in 2007, Santa Clara county is not the worst, but it is still pretty hard to get a CCW if you are a ordinary person.

One group that can help is Team Billy Jack. While often not popular at in other CCW forums, his site make interesting reading. CCW permits are obtainable, but you have to be willing to go court if necessary. But this is often not necessary, especially when this team is assisting you. If I wanted to get a CCW in California, these guys would be my first stop.

And if you read their occasional blog postings, you will find that Team Billy Jack is preparing some sort of action against the Santa Clara Sheriff's Department. This department has historically been an especially disorganized and corrupt. While nothing is certain yet, it is possible a lawsuit will result, in which case the legal drama should be well worth watching.

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