Saturday, October 17, 2009

Global Warming = Bullshit

This is why I think global warming is a unadulterated bullshit. Most of you twenty-somethings do not remember this, but in the '70's the big climate scare was that we were entering a FUCKING ICE AGE, not that the globe was warming.

Look here to read a Newsweek article predicting dire fucking consequences if something is not dine like melting the arctic ice by spreading black soot over the sea ice is not immediately, even though in this day melting arctic ice is now seen as a major environmental disaster.

Oh, no! The polar bear are going to die!

Climate scientists are dumber than a fucking bag of hammers.

Fuck all of them!


Anonymous said...

I remember them teaching us this in
school, and we believed it, global cooling that is.

Now they (NWO) have that fat fuck Gore, spewing his bullshit directly to kids,through a film that is utter bullshit and pseudo science.

They never mention the 31,478 scientist that have signed a petition
denouncing global warming, 9,029 with PhD's.

Check this out

LeftCoastConservative said...

But, but...

... the science is settled.

I agree with you.

In a more sober tone that my original post, I think the global warming issue is actually TWO debates: one over the phenomena of warming and the science involved with studying it, and a second over the public policies proposed to mitigate or cope with the effects of global warming.

If we cannot be sure that the phenomena is real, or how sever it may be, then any public policy would seem unwise. And policies that are limited to the United State, having a adverse effect on our economy, seem to be insane.

One question I have never heard is: "So, what? What really bad things happen is the world warms up a couple of degrees?"

Anonymous said...

I was a high school student in Mississippi just north of Jackson (center part of the state) when "global cooling" was the fear du jour in the news. We had a little spitting snowfall at one time. In the early 70's I was a child in New Orleans and we had a little bit of snow. Had fun, school closed, didn't freak out. Global cooling, global warming, what's a poor hick from the sticks to do? Aaaaaaaahhhhh!

nedwreck said...

"It's all about the money, boys."

Anonymous said...

so what you guys can't understand is that "global warming" is just one part of the CLIMATE CHANGE that could possibly result in a new ice age. Global warming and global cooling = the same thing. Did I just blow your maggot mind??

The whole idea is that everything we've done from the industrial revolution until now is changing the global climate in unnatural ways. Is that an absurd idea? No it fucking is not. Grow a fucking brain

Anonymous said...

yeah "anonymous" - it's a great position to be in where no matter what happens, the events prove your conclusion.

Nick said...

We must guard against to much gullibility it can have dire consequences especially to your wallet! question authority and do your research.