Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cabelas Announcement Concerning AB 962

For all of the attention Cabelas announcement that they will end mail and internet order ammunition sales in California if AB 962 becomes law, it has been hard to find the actual text. Here it is at this link.

There have also been rumors that Cheaper Than Dirt will also suspend sales of ammunition to California purchasers, but I have been unable to find an official press release to that effect.

I can say without any doubt that one effect of AB 962 will be to drive up the price of ammunition. I buy ammunition from Cabelas in bulk in order to save money. Once AB 962 becomes law, that source will be closed to me, and I will have to use brick and mortar gun shops. Besides that fact that in the Bay Area there are not a lot of places that sell ammunition (Wal Mart stores don't in San Jose), the overhead of operating a store drives up the cost.

So, all one can do is stock up prior to the effective date, February 11, 2010, and then arrange to go out of state to get large supplies of ammunition. And does anyone think that criminals will not also get their ammunition smuggled in as well, or steal it from legal owners.

Right, I thought so.


Anonymous said...

looking forward to newer technologies that will replace those centurys old one's..

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Governor Schwarzenegger signed AB 962 into law this morning:

Anonymous said...

I received the e-mail from Cabela's a few weeks ago with their warning about the bill. I guess the phone calls to Sacramento weren't good enough. Time to stock up...

LeftCoastConservative said...

Yes, indeed it is time to stock up. But order early. I ordered 1200 rounds of .45 ACP from Cabelas in June, and it is only now shipping out.

I'll probably try to order another batch timed to arrive before the cut-off date, and hope for the best.