Sunday, March 15, 2009

SB 746 - Gun Safety Board Proposed.

State Senator 746, introduced by Mark DeSaulnier, would create a gun Safety Board within the Department of Health.

What would this board be charged to do? Here is the relevant law:

 (2) The purpose of the board would be to oversee and implement a
strategy to reduce the incidents of gun violence and accidental
shootings, including the number of homicides, injuries, suicides and
deaths in order to save money on gunshot related deaths, nonfatal
injuries, medical costs, incarceration and the devastation to society
as a whole.
How would the board accomplish these goals? The legislation lays this out as well:

(c) It is the intent of the Legislature that any legislation
enacted to create the board would also require the board to do all of
the following:
(1) Implement programs, and adopt standards, rules, and
regulations in accordance with the provisions of this act to reduce
gun violence.
(2) Conduct research into the causes of, and solutions to, gun
violence, and systematically attack the serious problems caused by
gun violence.
(3) Provide grant money to reduce gun violence.
(d) The board would do both of the following:
(1) Contract for technical advisory services and other services as
may be necessary for the performance of its powers and duties.
(2) Appoint advisory groups and committees as it requires.
And how would all of this be paid for? By gun owners, of course:

 (e) It is the intent of the Legislature that any legislation
enacted to create the board would also provide funding for the board
by imposing a twenty-five dollar ($25) fee on all retail sales of
firearms, or transfers of firearms between persons who are not
licensed firearms dealers, and that moneys generated pursuant to
those provisions would be deposited in the Gun Safety Board Special
What "regulations" might this board enact? Who can say in advance, but I am sure they will not be friendly to gun owners, and I am not at all convinced that such a board is necessary in any case. This bill is in the very preliminary stages, but it is not too late to write to you State Senator noting your opposition to this bill.

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