Tuesday, March 24, 2009

AG Brown - Actually Making Sense?

You know the world has changed a bit when you hear former Governor Jerry Brown, a.k.a "Governor Moonbeam", and current California Attorney General, actually say something that makes sense.

Brown is quoted in this New York Times article:

The California attorney general, Jerry Brown, said the shootings highlighted a need for greater control of the some 125,000 parolees in California. “I don’t think anyone can deny the need for more supervision,” Mr. Brown said.
Unlike many politicians reacting to the horrible murders of four officers by calling for an renewed Federal assault weapon ban, Brown is advocating something that might actually be effective.

After his term as Governor, Brown took a break from politics, and when he was elected Mayor of Oakland, the same city where the four officers were killed, he seemed much more pragmatic than he had seemed as Governor. The above comment is another indication of this pragmatism.

Perhaps we need more politicians like Brown in this state.

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