Monday, March 16, 2009

Incorrect Petition at Reeds Indoor Range

I went shooting this week at my favorite indoor shooting range, Reeds Indoor Range in Santa Clara. I highly recommend this range: it has well lighted 26 yard lanes and is kept neat and clean by the staff and the shooters.

After burning through my monthly allotment of .45 ACP, I was checking out and paying for the range time when the counter guy notified me of a petition they were encouraging people to sign. Would I be interested? "Sure", I said, and began to read, which is when I began to feel disappointed.

The petition information described legislation that would regulate sales of handgun ammunition, requiring a thumbprint, name, address and other information about the purchaser, as well as the amount and type of ammunition purchased to be records and kept on file. This we familiar to me because I had recently written a blog post about it. I was glad to sign the petition.

So why the disappointment? Because the bill number on the petition was AB 2062. This seemed wrong to me, so I went home and checked. AB 2062 was the bill for handgun ammunition regulation as introduced in the prior session of the assembly. In this session it has been reintroduced as AB 962.

So what? Won't people understand what the petition is intended to oppose? Possibly not. Bill numbers are restarted at "1" at the start of each session of the assembly. That is why the legislation has "962" assigned to it in the current 2009-2010 session. Number "2062" will be resued in this session, and when it is assigned, the new bill will not be the one intended by the petition. This may cause confusion to the recipient of Reeds petition.

Does this mean that mine and all the other signatures on the petition will be invalidated or ignored by the recipient of the petition? I would think that people advocating a position should at least be accurate about the facts!

I have contacted the staff of Reeds Indoor Range to inform them of this oversight.

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