Saturday, March 21, 2009

AB1342 - City Income Taxes Proposed

Are you paying enough income tax? Do you want an opportunity to pay even more? Would you feel proud to live in the state with the highest income taxes? If so, then Norren Evans (D - 7th District), has a deal for YOU!

Sponsored by Evans, AB 1342 would authorize local governments to impose income taxes and vehicle fees for various purposes. It does not specify the amount of the taxes or fees, or the purposes for which the monies would be used. These would presumably be defined as part of a local measure to adopt a tax.

But we had better believe that if this bill becomes law, certain cities, probably many of the larger ones in California, would enact taxes rapidly and repeatedly.

I don't know about you, but I am already paying enough taxes, and I don't think I should pay even more taxes to compensate for the failure of our elected officials to spend wisely the revenues they have.

Please, everyone, contact your state representative to oppose this bill. You can find the address of your representative by following this link: Official California Legislative Information.

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