Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Vote Today - CA Polls Open Til 8 PM

I have already voted. Here are some highlights:

Romney/Ryan - YES

Emkin (U.S. Senate) - YES

Prop 30 - NO

Prop 32 - YES: I read the text of the bill, and saw no exemptions for "big oil" or Wall Street. That sounded like FUD, and if I was a union member and disagreed with the political stance of the union management, I would hate paycheck deductions for political purposes.

Prop 34 - NO - It will probably pass anyway, but many of these guys really deserve to die.

Prop 36 - YES

Prop 37 - NO. I will not vote for anymore "boutique" regulations in California. Costs are ALWAYS passed down to the consumer.

Prop 38 - NO

Prop 40 - NO. The Democrats sandbagged the redistricting commissions, and this is the last chance to get some fairness in the district boundaries.  Probably a futile effort.

Presidential Race Prediction:

Romney/Ryan will win by 300+ EC and 5%+ popular vote.  Many polls have been over sampling Democrats, but I don't believe that the energy is there to push Obama over the top.  

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