Thursday, December 27, 2012

Boy Did I Blow The Election!

I have not posted in almost two months, so disappointed was I that President Obama was re-elected to office. But I anticipate a heavier schedule with the new Congress, and all of the shenanigans that they will be getting up to in the near future, so I have to comment on my previous post.

I blew it.  Totally.

And the cruel part of it is that I was truly surprised at the outcome.  I can offer no explanation other than I must have been too deeply embedded in the conservative echo chamber.  I will endevour to keep a more realistic view going forward, but before I do, I would like to make one comment on a remarkable paragraph from this article by the Boston Globe:
"Exit polls told a stunning story. The majority of voters preferred Romney’s visions, values, and leadership. But he had clearly failed to address the problem that Romney’s own family worried about from the start. Obama beat Romney by an astonishing 81 to 18 percent margin on the question of which candidate “cares about people like me.”"
This election was unlike any other that I can remember because the majority of voters voted for a man who they believed was inferior on vision, values, and leadership.  The majority of voters selected Obama because they think that he "cares about people like me".


I'll put it on record right here: President Obama does not really care about anyone, unless they are useful in maintaining his position and power.  Get ready my fellow citizens, because President Obama has a second term, which means that we will see Obamacare fully implemented, increased spending, increased regulations on business, increased spending at the Federal and state levels to support all of the programs that Obama, a dyed-in-the-wool big government guy, supports.  These will result in continued high unemployment and a sputtering economy.

Elections have consequences, and the American people, who voted against their economic best interests in favor of the guy that "cares" will have cause to regret it for the next four years.

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