Friday, November 2, 2012

Time Magazine - How The Gun Won

I just found this article at Time Magazine.

I posted this comment in response:

I find it interesting that the article fails to mention the increased number of states that have liberalized concealed carry laws.  There are now about 7.7 million people licensed to carry concealed weapons in the U.S., according to this GAO report:
I am willing to bet that many of them are NOT NRA members, but the media is obsessed with the "fanatical" NRA as the primary reason that Congress has failed to enact "common sense" gun control laws.
I think that this number, 7.7 million, is reflective of a new set of values becoming more common in America, the core of which is the willingness of the citizen to take responsibility for their personal protection, and insisting on having the best means to that end.  I think that these millions of quiet concealed weapon licensees are enforcing these new values at the ballot box in ways that the Main Stream Media have yet to acknowledge or comprehend.
The gun won because increasing numbers of Americans are rejecting the old "common sense" that guns are always bad, the cause of violence instead of the means used to inflict violence, and that guns on the hands of citizens have no social value.
The anti-gun groups know this, which is why these groups have dwindling membership, financial resources, and influence.  But it will perhaps take the demise of the Brady Campaign to make the MSM realize it.
It can't happen soon enough

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 It never ceases to amaze me that the MSM only sees the NRA as the prime mover of pro-gun legislation, but fails to see how much more popular gun ownership and shooting sports have become over the last ten years.  Perhaps they are being willfully ignorant?  If the population at large is more accepting of guns in society, it kind of blows the liberal anti-gun narrative into tiny bits.  

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