Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama Bin Laden Dead!

My first thought was "Burn in Hell, motherfucker!".

On reflection, I have some other thoughts.

First, stories coming out describing how we found this Bin Laden indicate that information obtained from interrogations of GitMo inmates was a critical starting point, particularly those of Kahlid Sheik Mohammad.  It seems that President G.W. Bush is entirely vindicated in establishing this prison.
Second, Bin Laden was not hiding in some cave in the Hindu Kush Mountains, but living in a custom-built mansion withing easy driving distance of Islamabad,  the capitol of Pakistan!  I would hate to be the President of Pakistan on the phone to President Obama, explaining how the Pakistani government cannot control its own intelligence agency, the ISI.

Third, how many days will pass until Arab street protesters burn President Obama in effigy?

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