Monday, May 9, 2011

It's Monday...

... so Joan Peterson has another one of her anti-gun screeds out on her blog.  Here is what I posted in response:

If a "majority" of Americans agree with your view that guns should not be carried in public, why has not one single shall-issue law or constitutional carry law been repealed by the vote of this "majority"? 
Also a survey of 600 individuals in five states hardly proves that a majority of American favor your views.
I once asked, on Common Gunsense, what additional gun policies and regulations Joan Peterson advocated, to state them clearly.  She chided me,, saying that I already knew from reading her blog.  Well, I didn't, but it did inspire me to read some of her old posts, and I can easily gather that Joan Peterson is very much against people carrying guns in public, that the spread of laws liberalizing firearm carry is a threat to public safety.  Her entire article is about the proposed concealed carry law in Wisconsin that has a good chance of passing this year with a State Legislature and Governor both controlled by the Republican Party.

Thinking about her thesis, that more should be done to prevent people getting guns who should not have them, I really cannot disagree.  But the Devil is in the details of just what she might propose.  In a future post, I may finally do what I have been thinking of doing to a while: describe what I think would be the ideal gun regulation scheme.  And note that I DO NOT think that there should no regulation at all, but I do think that citizens should be allowed, if they choose, to carry firearms during their daily, lawful, business.

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