Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Elephant in the Room is Recognized - For Once

Gun control advocates constantly whine about that nasty NRA, and how, if it were not for the NRA, we could all live in a gun-free, which, therefore, would  be violence-free, utopia.  The NRA only exists, the gun controllers insist, because the gun industry supports them with cash.

Well one reporter finally realized that the NRA is a membership organization, more than most other lobbying groups, and that advantage in membership, nearly 5 million strong, is what gives the NRA its edge. 

Adam Winker wrote in another article that gun control advocates stirred up the mistrust of gun owners:

Focusing on assault weapons played right into the hands of the NRA, which has for years been saying that Obama wanted to ban guns. Gun control advocates ridiculed that idea—then proposed to ban the most popular rifle in America.

To gun control advocates who may be reading this post: make no mistake about it. We absolutely do not trust you to deal wither honestly or fairly on this issue.  The contents of the Schumer background check bill confirms that your intent is to slowly eliminate legally owned firearms, and that was an loud wake-up call to gun owners everywhere.

Yes, the NRA has a lot of money to throw around. Both members and gun manufacturers contribute millions. I myself contributed money for the first time in my life to the NRA-ILA to help fight these bills. But Mayor Bloomberg spent even more pushing gun control in this Congress, and has got precious little to show for it.  

This victory belongs to the NRA, which, like the militia, is composed of people, the membership of the NRA.

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