Saturday, April 20, 2013

San Jose Mercury News on Gun Bills in Sacramento

This article appeared in the San Jose Mercury News today. It discusses if the recent Senate gun control loss will have an effect on the several gun control bills pending in Sacramento.

It is my belief that the recent Senate vote will only encourage state gun control advocates to push even harder to make up for the failure to enact "common sense" gun control at the Federal level.  The only silver lining I see is reluctance about the ammunition tax.  My own representative, Jim Beall is mentioned in the article:

"Already some California Democrats are conspicuously mum. For example, of eight lawmakers -- five assemblymen and three state senators -- who scored above zero on the National Rifle Association's 2012 score card, only one would talk to this newspaper last month about proposals to regulate and tax ammunition. And that one, state Sen. Jim Beall, D-San Jose, said he wasn't too hot on the ideas."

I fear, though, that all of the bills will pass, and it will all be hashed out in the courts.

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