Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fast & Furious Coverup

Today, in Human Events, John Hayward wonders why the media is not even asking questions about the Fast & Furious investigation:

As Heritage Foundation communications director  Rory Cooper noted via Twitter this morning: “Media hasn’t asked White House about Fast and Furious since JULY 5. Not in one briefing. I have questions, do you?”  That was 77 days ago.  The L.A. Times and CBS News are virtually alone in providing comprehensive mainstream-media coverage of the “Gun Walker” outrage.  At what point does the remarkable media ignorance of this historic scandal become impossible to regard as anything less than willing co-operation in the cover-up?
It seems obvious to me that in an era when news of a presidential candidate's affair and illegitimate child was broken by the National Enquirer, that at least some of the media is in the tank for liberals. 

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