Thursday, September 22, 2011

Brady Campaign Quote on AB 144

The following quote appeared in this article that ran in the Los Angeles Times:

Gun control advocates hope that California will now pave the way for the rest of the country to outlaw the practice.

"Openly carrying a gun with [an ammunition] magazine in your back pocket into Starbucks and other establishments creates a culture of fear and intimidation,'' said Brian Malte, director for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. "It is irresponsible and dangerous.''

"People in other states look to see what California does,'' he said. If Brown signs the bill, "other states will follow suit.''
People in other states look at what California does, and them they laugh their asses off.

The Brady Campaign comment is really a combination of disinformation and hopeful speculation.  Open carry of loaded weapons is legal in all but 9 states, and is unlikely to change soon, as many states allow concealed carry with a license.  California, in effect, has already banned open carry because carry of loaded weapons has been illegal in incorporated areas for about thirty years.

But AB 144 is not trivial legislation.  It is in fact very important that this bill be defeated.  The goal of the gun-rights community is to normalize the carry of weapons in public by law-abiding citizens, a goal that I completely support.  AB 144 is an attempt to further marginalize that practice, so defeating it is important.

The Brady Campaign, LCAV, GVPC, and other anti-rights groups realize this, and they realize that carry is the current battleground.  They also realize that carry is the last line: if they loose this, then gun control as a political issue will be dead.  That is why AB 144 is so important to Anthony Portantino and other anit-gun activists.  This is their last stand.

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