Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Pretty Even-Handed article on Gun Control

And it was written by a student no less!  Appearing in City on the Hill Press, Locked and Loaded offers a very even handed exposition of the gun control issue.  I particularly liked this quote:

“I’m not anti-gun control,” said SCPD deputy police chief Clark. “Gun control does have its merits — it does stop some people from getting a hold of one. But we haven’t seen gun control stop gun violence.”

So what can stop gun violence?

“The question is deeper than that,” Clark said.

Clark said the solution “isn’t around gun control but community.”

Exactly.  If I could get one message out to all those knee-jerk gun control advocates, and really get them to believe it, this would be the one.  The article goes on to describe community programs in Santa Cruz country that  are attempting to quell gun violence without layering more gun control laws over those that have failed in the past.

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