Sunday, February 20, 2011

Martha Stewart's Daughter - Liberal Hypocrite

I have never seen it displayed better than the following comment made by Alexis Stewart, Martha Stewart's daughter in this New York Times article:

“I don’t believe people should be allowed to have guns in America,” Ms. Stewart, daughter of Martha, said in an interview, explaining that she bought a .357 Magnum after 9/11 — but would be happy to give it up if handguns were banned. “Having a swimming pool is way more dangerous than having a gun,” she added.
But you have a gun anyway Ms. Stewart, why is that?  Is it because your life is somehow more special, being Martha Stewart's daughter after all, so that you are an exception to your longed for gun prohibition?  Or do you want to shore up your liberal cred with your no-doubt liberal, sophisticated friends that will read this article now that you have been outed as a gun owner?

Hypocrite, either way.  If you "believe people should not be allowed to have guns in America" then you should give it up, even without a handgun ban.  If you don't give it up, then your actions seem to imply that you believe that the gun is potentially useful for personal defense, but you want to deny others that possibility.  At least have the stones to stand for what you believe in, either way, rather than use weasel words.

Alexis Stewart: liberal hypocrite.

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