Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bay Area Open Carry - Group Inspires Another Ban

Bay Area Open Carry held another open carry event last week at the Buckhorn Grill in Walnut Creek.  Reports of up to 100 people attended the event, open carrying unloaded pistols in order to protest California law preventing loaded open carry, and the capricious nature of the states "may issue" CCW permit law.

But if the purpose of these events is to win over California residents to support a loosening of firearms laws, it would seem that these tactics are having the opposite effect.  How long will it take for someone alarmed by the sight of dozens of people carry firearms in a restaurant to contact their state representative and ask for a law repealing open carry of any sort?  Our state legislature has proved over and over again that it really does not like guns, or gun rights.  AB 962 was passed and signed into law late last year.

I am waiting for news of the pending legislation.

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