Sunday, March 9, 2014

One Reason Why I Prefer a 1911

When I was researching for my first handgun purchase, I seriously considered a Glock pistol, but I heard of too many incidents like this one:
"On the day of the shooting, Counceller's hands were not on the trigger, but his fleece jacket's drawstring found its way into his holster.
"When pulling up on that jacket, this thing comes up, basically hits the safety and fired," he said.
Based on the store video, an internal police investigation concluded that the jacket's drawstring "caused the weapon to fire.""
This is clearly an incident in which a trained and experienced individual was let down by the design of the gun.  I am sure that the Chief did everything correctly, but somehow failed to notice the drawstring inside the trigger guard.

I elected to get a 1911 in part because it has an external thumb safety on the left side of the slide.  While this requires one to train to make disengaging the safety  an automatic act during presentation, there is the added benefit of having a tactile indication of the state of the gun: safe or ready to fire.  One must also train to engage the safety when coming off-target.

Not to bash Glocks, but the trigger safety used on Glocks, S&W M&P pistols, and others, simply gave me the willies, and I elected to go with a different gun.

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