Sunday, May 19, 2013

Armed Teachers - Can It Work?

It sure seems to work in Utah.  

Wow! No blood in the classrooms, no teachers going postal, not accidents.  Nothing.

Also, when was the last time there was a mass school shooting in Utah?  This list says never, but I would think that the moral teachings of the Morman Church has more to do with it than the presence of armed teachers.

But is does prove that the mere presence of guns does not necessarily make kid less safe.

Update: 5/25/2013

The Texas legislature has passed and sent to the Governor a bill authorizing schools to arm and maintain teachers in the role of "armed marshals".  As with Utah, we will not see the results of a national experiment: armed teachers in schools vs. gun free zones in schools.

Will the mere presence of guns make schools "unsafe", as claimed by most teachers unions? Will armed teachers be effective in stopping active shooter incidents? Will anything significant change as a result?

Let's check back in a few years to see.

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