Thursday, October 4, 2012

Joan Peterson - Still Irrelevant

Joan Peterson writes on her blog:

"Can we at least have a national conversation about one of our biggest national public health and safety problem? We all know we have too many gun violence victims. But we sit back as a country and just let them happen because of one mythically uber powerful lobby group- the NRA. This is ludicrous, unacceptable, irresponsible and just plain wrong and dangerous. If you agree with me, check out the we are better than this web site to let Jim Lehrer know you want a question asked about guns asked at the debate. Or check out the demand a plan site to demand that our Presidential candidates and other elected officials come up with a plan to deal with too many people being killed and injured in daily senseless shootings."

Joan, we have had a "national conversation" about this issue, and your position has been rejected by a majority of citizens.  You're complaining about it will not make you any more relevant to the political reality that gun-rights are civil rights, and people want to protect them from the restrictions you would impose.

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