Thursday, July 26, 2012

Great Article by Dan Baum

Dan Baum has written a great editorial in Harpers entitled "The Price of Gun Control".  Here is the money quote:

"In 2010, I drove 11,000 miles around the United States talking to gun guys (for a book, to be published in the spring, that grew out of an article I wrote for this magazine), and I met many working guys, including plumbers, parks workers, nurses—natural Democrats in any other age—who wouldn’t listen to anything the Democratic party has to say because of its institutional hostility to guns."
I think that the institutional hostility to guns of the Democratic Party is simply one facet of an institutional parochialism with which  the Left imbues the Democratic Party.  Far from being intellectual, tolerant, and diverse, the modern Democratic Party doctrinaire, intolerant, politically homogeneous, and increasingly resembles an ideological echo chamber of urban elites, labor union officials, and urban minorities that reinforce their prejudices against traditional American values.

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