Friday, December 23, 2011

What if California Went Shall Issue?

Ever wonder what would happen in California if the state started issuing LTC permits on a shall-issue basis? Iowa may have provided a glimpse of the future during 2011.
“The majority of people I’ve talked to said they’d just always wanted one,” said Pals, the Cerro Gordo County sheriff. “And now they can in Iowa and they are following through with it. The training that’s required is a lot easier now.”
There is undoubtedly a huge backlog of gun owners in California that would apply for a permit if the process was not discretionary.  If only 2% of Californians got a permit California would expect to increase from approximately 32,000 permits held today to somewhere around 600,000 permits.

Given the state of current court cases, there is a possibility that such a scenario may eventually come to pass in the next few years.  To help it along, donate to the Calguns Foundation.

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