Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Global Warming Models Take Another Hit

Anthropogenic Global Warming, otherwise known as the The Scam To Take Control of The Economy, takes another hit as this story reports data that blows another hole the the climate models used to predict the dire outcomes that await human kind.

My persistent objection to the global warming doom-criers is that they treat model predictions as if they were data!  This is the exact opposite of the scientific method.  All of these models are hypotheses of the climate system.  Models should be used to make predictions of future trends, and then observations should be made to determine if these predictions are verified.  If predictions are verified, then the hypotheses are deemed to be correct.

What is happening is that observations are being made that contradict the models, thus undermining the predictions made using the models.  Our understanding of the climate is simply not great enough to make drastic changes in public policy.

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