Monday, December 20, 2010

California Cap and Trade - Kill Jobs without Saving the Globe

Last week the California Air Resources Board voted to impose a cap and trade system in California starting in 2012.
My mind boggles that this state is continuing to careen down the path of economic ruin, but others are looking forward to California's folly:
They also empower the business development arms of the various states now led by Republican legislative majorities and energetic, business-friendly governors like Ohio's John Kasich, Florida's Rick Scott, Texas' Rick Perry, Michigan's Rick Snyder, Wisconsin's Scott Walker and Pennsylvania's Tom Corbett, among others.

The job-seeking professionals accompanied by their smiling, just-elected governors will be happy to set up appointments with the governor so that a side-by-side comparison of life under California's new rules contrasts with life in, say, the Buckeye State.

Arnold's "legacy" is thus a job-killing, metastasizing bureaucracy that accomplishes only the destruction of jobs without even a miniscule impact on the world's climate.
Is anyone paying attention at all? Bueller...Bueller?

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