Thursday, July 22, 2010

But Some People Do Get It

And one of them is Frank J. Fleming in this article at Pajamas Media.  And he says something that totally agree with and have alluded to myself:
Let me say something that is unfortunately still news to some people: The debate over gun control is over. Done. It was over before the Supreme Court told Americans what they already knew about their right to firearms and self-defense.
And he believes this for one of the most obvious reasons:
And that’s why for the past couple of decades more and more states have added a right-to-carry law and none have taken it away.
 But the anti-gun rights crowd are living in the past, especially here in California, where AB1934 continues its inexorable advance into law, despite it being unconstitutional on its face.  No doubt when carry laws are liberalized in California, the same old fear mongering about blood in the streets and fender benders escalating into gunfights, will be heard, despite 40 states and 23 years of experience with such laws proving these claims to be spurious.

But i have no doubt that California anti-gun politicians will be at least as hard headed as Chicago anti-gun politicians.


The Kid said...


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The Kid said...

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